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Anna Somik for Bazaar Wedding Ideas

Very happy and proud to present our gorgeous Damn!model Anna Somik’s image chosen for the Harper’s Bazaar Wedding Ideas cover.

Congratulations to Anna! And don’t miss magnificent beauty story under the cut. Both, cover and beauty spread, are photographed by Nicoline Patricia Malina, fashion editor Michael Pondaag

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Let Them Eat More Lace

We know you had not enough! More lacy seductiveness for your eyes pleasure by Nicoline Patricia Malina

Marcella Tanaya, Antie Damayanti, Jill and Julia Kotuleva of Damn! inc are working curls and powdery up-dos with sensual elegance of real queens of  boudoirs


Let Them Eat Lace

Calling all the lace lovers!  After the playful video comes the editorial of cotton-candy colors and seductive stares of DAMN!models wearing nothing but the skin-tight lingerie.

Julia Kotuleva, Yulia Vlasenko, Anna Somik, Anasatsiia Bykova, Karina, Natalia Sece and Katya Talanova of DAMN!inc are pouting in front of the Nicoline Patricia Malina’s camera… Irresistible!

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