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Anderson and Chrystaline for “Damn! I love Indonesia” lookbook

The Damn!I Love Indonesia clothing brand offers an array of cool, vibrant outfits in the latest collection. Featuring our models Anderson Fernandes and Chrystaline, here are the highlights of the brand’s Patriotic Lookbook



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NIKICIO “WAR” Mixte Autumn/Winter 2012

Young, daring, fresh and rebel to the max! The only way to walk Nikicio’s catwalk is like a daredevil!

Here are our coolest Damn! models walking for the Nikicio Mixte WAR show, which took place at W Space – Graha Toorak Kemang on 13th of July



Prinka Cassy

Katya Talanova

Pictures are courtesy of  Hilarius Jason at Dew Magazine

Imperata Nomadechic by EDBE

Check out the full line up of Damn!inc models who walked for the Imperata Nomadechic fashion show by EDBE on 7th june 2012

Marcella Tanaya

Reza Van Shalkwyk

Vladimir Maksimov

Yulia Vlasenko

Anastasiia Bykova

Antie Damayanti

Prinka Cassy


Dima N.


pictures by Mohammad Abduh@Wolipop